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Estacore Legal Solutions is your partner of choice for launching and expanding business ventures in Thailand and the Region with confidence and stability.

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Estacore Legal Solutions

Estacore is a law firm established in Thailand with the objective of providing comprehensive legal solutions that enhance and support business success across borders and regions. Estacore is your partner of choice for launching a successful enterprise in Thailand, the ASEAN region, and beyond, equipped with full confidence and protection from exposure in an increasingly complex corporate landscape.

Estacore was founded by a standout team of seasoned legal experts and accomplished business leaders who have successfully navigated the challenging minefield of establishing stable and successful enterprises on numerous occasions, and are now applying their invaluable knowledge and experience to enable clients to enjoy a seamless and hassle-free process of tapping into business opportunities in new and uncharted environments.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To be the personal and professional partner of choice for all legal services needed to enhance business success.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive legal solutions ensuring seamless business engagement across cultures and regions.

Mission Statement

Eliminating barriers to superior business opportunity through full-featured legal liaison solutions.

Estacore: What’s in a Name?

“Estacore” intertwines multiple strands of meaning into a unique and original brand name.

  • First of all, Estacore aims to support you in establishing and equipping your corporate entity.
  • Estacore empowers clients to capitalize on unique opportunities offered through the Eastern Economic Corridor Development Plan.
  • Estacore is founded and run by an established core of high-level professionals, with the expertise and wherewithal to ensure success.
  • Estacore helps you to cut through to the core of established and fortified business enterprise.
  • Estacore IS (esta in Spanish and Portuguese) the core of legal solutions and liaison services you need to achieve stable and sustained business success.

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Meet the Team

Bullang Teangon


Mr. Bullang Teangon is a seasoned and successful businessman, investor and venture capitalist. He has launched numerous successful businesses in a wide range of sectors, including real estate, retail, construction, logistics, trading, and more. His superior business acumen and extensive real-world experience, allows him to excel in providing sound, authentic advice to clients across a wide range of industries.

"Ken" Kasin Chamnanchanan

CEO & Managing Partner

Mr. Kasin Chamnanchanan has extensive experience, both in practicing law, as well as in running business. He is a highly sought after attorney in international mediation and arbitration, and a recognized authority in corporate law.

Alongside an impressive legal career, he has held prominent executive management positions in leading companies as well.

Kamol Tanchinwuttanakul

Senior Partner

Mr. Kamol Tanchinwuttanakul has over 10 years of experience in international law, specializing in corporate and business law, as well as arbitration and mediation, and even training in negotiation, legal management and international law.

"Mac" Patchaphon Rongsakul

Senior Partner

Mr. Patchaphon Rongsakul is a seasoned legal professional, expert in challenging litigation cases. With many successful court cases under his belt, Pat is someone you want to have in your corner when facing legal turmoil. Better yet, he can offer invaluable advice to help you avoid getting into legal hassles.

Peerapong Suchotikapan

Chief Administrative Officer

Mr. Peerapong Suchotikapan is the consummate operations expert that any organization covets. With decades of hands on administrative experience, Pong offers invaluable expertise to Estacore, ensuring that all operations run smoothly, free of hitches and snags.

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Expanding into unfamiliar territories to launch new business ventures, or even just set up strategic partnership can be complex, troublesome and daunting. Estacore is equipped and ready to partner with you, to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

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