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Estacore is your partner of choice for navigating all the complexities of launching any venture in Thailand, the Region, and beyond. We offer a full range of legal services, as well as a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure a smooth and hassle-free entry to this attractive economic zone.

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Corporate Structuring & Company Registration

Estacore is equipped and experienced in setting up any form of legal entity in Thailand for the purpose of conducting business. Whether you wish to set up a limited partnership company, arrange a joint venture, or simply appoint an official representative to operate on your behalf locally, Estacore will expediate and simplify that process, while ensuring that your interests are secured and all legal parameters are satisfied thoroughly.

Notable areas of expertise include:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions. We assist in negotiations, processing and reviewing M&As, with an emphasis on identifying and reporting any areas of exposure or disadvantage in the process.
  • Board of Investment Company Registration. Thailand’s BOI offers highly attractive benefits and privileges to startup ventures and industries in specific sectors. Estacore assists in navigating compliance matters and other complexities of the BOI application process, allowing clients easier access to this unique opportunity.
  • Public Private Partnerships (PPP). Estacore assist in negotiating and drafting Public Private Partnership Agreements, allowing clients to enjoy the coveted long-term benefits of partaking in state ventures and concessions.

Contracts & Agreements

Most countries have diverse practices, approaches and traditions when it comes to drafting contractual agreements of various kinds, and this is particularly true in the South-East Asian Region where the approach towards jurisprudence differs considerably from the Western world. On top of that, there is the obstacle of language, since in many cases, English language agreements are not fully enforceable or binding locally.

The Estacore team has decades of experience in formulating agreements of all kinds, affording clients with full assurance that they thoroughly protected in diverse transactional scenarios. And the all-important matter of local language legalese is handled fully with transparency and professionalism.

Licensing & Intellectual Property

Estacore will efficiently and expeditiously process any licensing needs so that your intellectual property is comprehensively safeguarded. No matter what type of licensing you require, we have the wherewithal to secure it, including trademarks, royalty protection, copyright, product licensing, etc. We also process copyright and other intellectual property infringement claims on behalf of clients, employing all legal means at our disposal to secure the compensation and protection you deserve.

Mediation & Arbitration

One of the particular areas of expertise the Estacore team possesses, is in the realm of international mediation and arbitration. We have successfully brokered countless arbitration agreements, from presiding over mediation processes to mutual satisfaction, to bringing complex conflicts to a close amicably and conclusively, regardless of particular complexities.

Property, Real Estate & Construction

Real estate in emerging economies is a highly sought after asset, however, there are diverse regulations and conditions that impact the scope of property ownership and acquisition. All too often, property investors face challenges that arise due to incomplete or insufficient understanding of legal parameters. Estacore is equipped and ready to stand with clients, in order to help decomplicate and expedite such processes.

We are also expert at brokering all legal processes involved in construction work in the region. Again, this can be a troublesome area for investors and operators, due to multiple layers of legitimization and approval requirements, handled by numerous agencies and authorities, not to mention dealing with contractors, suppliers and labor besides.

Tax Consultation & Structuring

A notorious obstacle course for many a business is revenue and tax management. Estacore mobilizes an elite team of accounting and legal experts to help maximize client benefits, while maintaining high standards of integrity, in accordance with international Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. All importantly, we ensure full compliance with local Revenue Department regulations and latest policies.

Notarial Services

Estacore offers a full range of locally required notarial services, and assists in processing territory-specific notarizations on behalf of clients, including:

  • Certification of official documents by licensed notarial services attorneys
  • Verification and certification of signature authenticity
  • Recording of statements made under oath
  • Identification document verification
  • Power of Attorney and other acceptance of oaths of instruments for various jurisdictions


Self-evidently, having to go to court is a last resort that we all do our utmost to avoid; and indeed, in most cases we are able to deliver conclusive out-of-court remedies in the vast majority of cases. When it does come to actual court proceedings, we are equally as accomplished and successful, with a seasoned team of court lawyers armed with an impressive range of experiences under their belts.

Holistic Business Solutions

Estacore offers clients a complete package of services to support launching business ventures in Thailand and the Region.

More Estacore Services

Far beyond just legal services, we facilitate all processes involved in setting up a legal entity, including registrations, licenses, permits, locations, logistics, human resources, and even branding, marketing and media production.

Incorporation & Establishment

Setting up business operations in a new territory goes way beyond legal work, of course. Well, clients need look no further than Estacore for full-featured support in all aspects related to incorporation, partnership, certifications and setting up business. 

Licensing & Registration

From building permits, to environmental reporting, to trademarks, to FDA approvals, to what have you, the Estacore Team is fully equipped to assist you through these often painful processes, so you can focus on getting your venture underway.

Location & Logistics

As they say, “the Devil is in the details”. We are well acquainted with the complexities of logistics whether in transportation, storage, staffing, etc. Let Estacore help you avoid the hassles and pitfalls of a new territory, and save you time and resources on numerous fronts.

Marketing & Media

Culture is complex. All too many ventures have learned this the hard way with marketing and communication efforts in new regions. Estacore works with a marketing, media and PR team that is among the best in Thailand as far as cross-cultural messaging and marketing. You can too!

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Expanding into unfamiliar territories to launch new business ventures, or even just set up strategic partnership can be complex, troublesome and daunting. Estacore is equipped and ready to partner with you, to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

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